Rick Astley

In September 2021, singer Rick Astley and the band Blossoms announced a couple of gigs where they would play the music of the Smiths.

Tweets and articles raved that Rick was the solution to the Morrissey problem, and a think piece defending him, published on Morrissey Central, was used to denounce him for objecting to being erased from his own work.


As something symbolic Rick Astley “reclaiming” the Smiths from Morrissey is one of the most disgusting things our culture has thrown up.

This is our Marquis of Queensberry moment – casting out the “somdomite” so nice clean people can enjoy the Importance of being Earnest without the taint of Oscar Wilde.

Morrissey wrote those songs to make space for the socially awkward – the shy, anxious, depressed; singing from the heart, hated for loving, never giving in – & they’ve been appropriated by Stock, Aitken & Waterman.

The dominant mainstream owns everything.

Revelling in the idea that it might cause the marginals pain.

Morrissey isn’t ‘increasingly problematic’. He’s been demonized. Held to a standard no one “normal” would have been held to. Had motives assigned to him that he doesn’t have. His words & actions twisted & spun into a narrative that has at its core a homophobic lie.

The Times, October 2021